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  • SC

    “For fifteen years I have had the pleasure of working with Chris. He is always very professional and takes care of us with excellent service. He has always been there for us and given us the best bang for our buck. We’ve always had a totally positive experience. There is not a nicer or better businessperson. He’s knowledgeable and cuts to the chase. He puts himself in my shoes and asks “What if?” His sincerity, honesty and integrity are second to none.”

  • RM

    “I get good customer service with Chris at PrimeWest Insurance. He has insured all four of our family cars and our home. When we decided to change our homeowner’s insurance, Chris saved me time by doing all the research. We had two accidents in the same month and Chris was very responsive. My father recently moved here and Chris saved me time and money by taking care of the insurance for my father’s car. His prices are very competitive and Chris is always helpful. I am more than happy to refer him.”

  • ES

    “met Chris seven years ago. He is a very professional guy and very meticulous in his work. I went with him because of that. Before Chris, I had someone else, but Chris saved me a lot of money on my insurance. The service you get with him is very special. He really takes care of you. I’ve worked with Gabby, too. She is also good—detail-oriented and knows what she is doing. Once I got into a fender bender. Someone hit me head on! Chris was right on it! He got me a rental car and handled the mechanic, too! I’ve been really pleased with his service. Chris chose Mercury Insurance for me. Mercury took care of the car right away. They told me the car would be done in four or five days and it was. The repair shop they sent me to was really good, too.”

  • JS

    “My husband died recently and I turned all my insurance policies over to Chris at PrimeWest. He followed through with me and saved me a lot of money by getting rid of stuff I no longer needed. You know, sometimes you just keep paying the bills the way you’ve been paying them out of habit. Chris brought me up to date. I’m “old school” and Chris presents himself well, dressed meticulously in a suit. He is professional and efficient. He gave me his cell number and told me to call him anytime. I can’t say enough good things about him and have referred him to some of my friends.”

  • EL

    “Gabby at PrimeWest saved me between $4000 and $5000 a year on my home and auto insurance, with the same coverage I had. Very impressive! I am very happy with the savings. They came out and took numerous pictures of my home and advised me as to what was best for my situation. She calls me with any discounts that are available and makes sure I get my paperwork in on time. I sell real estate and I refer all my clients to PrimeWest. My clients call me to thank me. They also sell commercial and rental insurance coverage. Call Gabby to find out more. PrimeWest offers fantastic service! ”